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Biblical Viruses

Abraham Virus - Sacrifices your RAM

Adam and Eve Virus - Takes a couple of bytes out of your apple

Noah Virus - Prints your work two by two

Sodom and Gomorrah Virus - If it cannot find 10 error free documents it destroys your hard drive

David virus - Kills all giant programs

Ruthless Virus - Removes the book of Ruth from your P.C. Bible

Jericho Virus - Repeats the windows start up sound until you smash up your computer

Luke's Virus - Makes all text illegible

Acts virus - Translates all documents into every language

Cain Virus - Kills all the programs you are Able to use then goes to sleep (or is it nod)

Job's Virus - Makes computing difficult (This is not an actual virus but rather a computing reality)

James' Virus - Makes you so mad you say things you shouldn't (Again this is not an actual virus)

Jonah's virus - Puts all your data onto micro-fish

Luke 5:5-7 Virus - Fills your hard drive to overflowing.

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